Client Speak

“Our experience with Arjula Technologies has been very good. They have been responsive to our need to start on short notice. They have the in-depth product knowledge we need to be successful”

Subrata Mandal
Solution Director

“We chose Arjula Technologies because of their employment model – they only hire experience staff. The team the put forward really was the best because they’ve already delivered similar programs several times in our industry”

IT Director

“We went through quite an extensive selection process and for us it was obvious almost from the beginning just from the chemistry of meeting [with Arjula Technologies that we had, that it was going to work. We met the people and we just felt it was right”

Director, Center of Excellence (IT, HR, CA and Legal)

Arjula Technologies personnel always know what they’re talking about – they don’t try to use us as a training ground. And because their consultants know the system so well, they get the job done very quickly which helps keep our costs down. Whenever people do what they say they’re going to do, I’m happy”

Veeera Raghavan
Chennai Municipal Corporation

“We were very impressed with the energy that Arjula Technologies demonstrated in their presentations and the way that they applied themselves to us as an organization. So it wasn’t so much a situation whereby we felt we were employing consultants; we were actually working with a business partner. It worked well and it was fun”

Mario Assaad
Chief Technology Officer
Digicel Group






Center of Excellence



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