Life Sciences & Healthcare

Industry Challenges

The intense competition combined with stringent regulatory compliance requirements which leads to long development and approval times result in huge cost pressures and increased time to market are just some of the challenges faced by the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry. This industry needs to find new ways of doing business through being more collaborative; improving R&D productivity, reducing costs, expanding presence in emerging markets, switching from selling medicine to managing outcomes and leveraging the changes taking place in the broader healthcare arena. Life Sciences and Healthcare companies are under tremendous pressures as the cost of healthcare is now a global concern. Increasing regulatory changes and global competition has changed the industry and is leading to:

  • An increase in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as branded pharmaceuticals look for new sources of products to supplement R&D
  • The increased use of Generics throughout the globe and a drive to improve efficiency and costs through the use of supply chain within a regulatory environment
  • Innovations within Medical Devices driving rapid development to meet the market need for newer technology.
  • Providers looking to technology products and services to drive efficiencies and cost savings from information technology (IT) as they address privacy and confidentiality concerns, pay for performance and reimbursement and compliance changes
  • Payers looking to play a role in improving quality of care, services and patient safety through the increased use of IT

Arjula Technologies Services and Solutions

We bring years of experience from three perspectives as it relates to the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry.

  • Subject matter expertise across all segments of the value chain from Life Sciences R&D through Healthcare Payers and Providers
  • Technology expertise across all of the major vendor packages used with the industry including application development and support
  • A client list that includes 10 of the top 15 Pharmaceutical companies, 7 of the top 10 Medical Device companies and countless global Healthcare organizations ranging from hospitals to government agencies

Arjula Technologies works to help our clients realize the benefits of IT within their organizations. We can do this through the use of :

  • Over 100 business transformation consultants and over 400 business maintenance and development consultants with in-depth Life Sciences experience
  • Over 10 business transformations delivered in the Life Sciences sector
  • Extensive deployments in R&D departments at leading Life Sciences organizations
  • End-to-End service offerings, including assessment, implementation, development, and support

Arjula Technologies also provides solutions to address the unique needs of the industry. We have also developed pre-configured solutions to assist in rapid return-on-investment. We also provide tools that can help you in Value Realization and Change Management. Arjula Technologies focuses on the use of IT from the perspective of the business. Our success is in ensuring that your organization achieves its goals. Our portfolio of services and solutions will help you meet today’s industry challenges.

 Why Arjula Technologies

Arjula Technologies has market leading capabilities covering Business Consulting, Implementation Solution Support and Products – some key features of our offering to the market:

  • Experience of 65+ Solution Implementations
  • SAP, Pega & Microsoft Centre of Excellence in India
  • Over 500 Employees worldwide dedicated to EAS
  • SAP Pre-Configured Solution
  • Manufacturing Pre-Configured Solution
  • Architecture and Solution Design Capability








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