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Over 5.3 billion people or 77% of the world’s population are now on mobile. This growth has led to an explosion of various devices and networks connecting each other, and creating a borderless world. Consumers and enterprises views on how a mobile device can change their lives or enable them to do business better is rapidly evolving, even as vendors and service providers continuously innovate to fuel this mobile culture. The consequence of this end-user demand has been consumerization of IT.
With the blurring of lines between the professional and personal, CIOs must rethink their mobility strategy. This could be through creating programs to support corporate applications, equipping your employees with smartphones and tablets or putting in place processes to drive customer engagement, supply chain operations and collaboration with partners/suppliers.
Our solutions and services help you with the following:

  • Bring computing and data to your “point of need” in your enterprise business processes
  • Transform customer service into anytime, anywhere contextual interactions

Client Challenges

Enterprises seek to achieve competitive advantage bringing in operational efficiencies to their business processes. One of the ways of doing this is by the use of mobile devices. However, creating mobile systems that are deeply integrated into existing enterprise infrastructure pose significant development and integration challenges.
Consumer-facing enterprises are under increasing pressure to differentiate themselves in the market by exceling in the mobile channel user experience. However, the novelty of the mobile channel adds a level of complexity to the channel strategy of these enterprises.
What Arjula Technologies Provides
Arjula Technologies offerings in mobility are centered around three major themes:

  • Taking computing to the “point of need”:

Liberate IT from the desktop. Leverage the latest tablet devices and utilize the large screen real estate, significant computing power, broadband connectivity, efficient battery life they bring.

For example, we helped one of our clients enhance the effectiveness of their sales force effectiveness bringing sales force empowerment solutions on tablets. This helped the sales team utilize enterprise applications without being limited by a laptop or a computer terminal.

  • Transform customer service into anytime, anywhere contextual interactions:

Smartphones are not only connected computers, but are also endowed with sensors such as GPS, camera, accelerometer and compass that provide mobiles an almost magical capability to transform customer service. We help our customers leverage these capabilities to provide efficient services to their customers.
For example, we helped a North American paint manufacturer launch an innovative smartphone application that enabled them to connect with consumers 24x7 in an interesting, fun way.

  • Differentiate on the basis of user experience:

We help our customers utilize the latest tablet platform to acquire and retain the most attractive target customer segments.
For example, we helped a major North American bank develop and launch a highly acclaimed tablet application for their consumers.

Business Value

  • Take computing to business areas where it did not exist, thereby adding velocity to these processes.
  • Stand out in a crowded marketplace with the innovative use of consumer mobile applications on tablets and smartphones.
  • Leverage our Enterprise Global Delivery Model ( eGDM™) to accesss top-quality mobile application services at a fraction of the cost otherwise.
  • Deploy our pre-built mobility solutions and utilize mobility much faster and at a far lower cost.







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