Industry Challenge

Today’s retailers are facing many challenges, a convergence of market forces have created an extremely demanding climate. Retail companies are constrained in their ability to grow and maintain profit margins due to high market saturation, a deflationary operating environment, slow population growth, and more perceptive but less loyal consumers.
New technologies available to retailers offer the prospect of better insight to understand shoppers and the business, the operational efficiency to ensure profit, and the adaptability to capitalise on the best opportunities for growth. This results in differentiation and better margins, turning today's challenges into opportunities.

Arjula Technologies:

Arjula Technologies works with retailers to maximise the value of technology, providing and enhancing information access and boosting business process efficiencies. Our services include strategic systems blueprinting, package selection, system integration, business process reengineering and application management.
Most importantly Arjula Technologies overall goal is to help our retail clients actively drive down the total cost of IT ownership.
Ultimately all ArjulaTech engagements are driven by the need to deliver certainty to our Retail clients in terms of:

  • On-time and within budget
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Committed cost reductions
  • Realized, cashable benefits
  • Achieved business metric improvements

Our Solutions

  • SAP IS Retail
  • Microsoft CRM Dynamics

Why Arjula Technologies

Arjula Technologies has market leading capabilities covering Business Consulting, Implementation Solution Support and Products – some key features of our offering to the market:

  • Experience of 65+ Solution Implementations
  • SAP, Pega & Microsoft Centre of Excellence in India
  • Over 500 Employees worldwide dedicated to EAS
  • SAP Pre-Configured Solution
  • Manufacturing Pre-Configured Solution
  • Architecture and Solution Design Capability







Center of Excellence



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