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Arjula Technologies is proud to introduce IntructerLed SAP training, programme for existing workforce initiated under Human Capital Development (HCD) to up-skill and up-grade Global Citizens towards international certification standards. Resources will be trained and certified within this will be part of the critical supply for talent sourcing and development for industry players and potential foreign investors.

What is SAP?

  • SAP is Systems, Applications and Data Processing, it is a type of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) acronym to IT and Business Solutions software.
  • SAP has been a market ERP leader and has been a profitable company even during economic turmoil.
  • SAP has presence in 120 countries with Fortune 500 companies supporting the business.
  • SAP leads you to global opportunities - many multinational companies adopt the "Best-Run Businesses Run SAP”
  • SAP is named the leader in Global Market Share in Business Solutions (Source: Gartner)
  • SAP is a niche expertise where SAP Consultants are in short supply (Source: AMR Research)
  • SAP Skills are Always in Short Supply
  • SAP has 28 Industry Solutions

Why SAP Education

The SAP Education organization provides comprehensive training curriculum designed specifically for consultants. SAP curriculum is flexible & modular, and enables you to harness the full power of SAP solutions – and provide the right knowledge at the right time.. Each SAP Certification Curriculum covers SAP Navigation, business best practices, Configuration aspects, work on real life business case & scenarios. SAP Education programs is open to consultants, typically in customer competence centers – as well as independent consultants who offer their services in the market.

Known Benefits of Being SAP Certified:

  • SAP Certification is a lifetime investment - it offers you attractive financial rewards and a fast Return on Investment
  • SAP Certification adds value to your credentials
  • SAP Certification helps to build job security & confidence in the market

Who Can Apply?

  1. Any Graduate
  2. Interested in Certifying in SAP to progress professional career,
  3. From Computer Science / Accountancy / Supply Chain / Engineering / Human Capital or Relevant background
  4. Currently working with 2-8 years working experience,
  5. Self Paying (Independents) or Company Paying Professionals

SAP Training Incentive Package:

  1. Get SAP certified at >40% off list price; terms & condition apply
  2. Get reimbursement of 30% upon passing certification; terms & condition apply
  3. Get a chance to undergo job training and subsequently secure jobs in SAP end-user companies upon certification
  4. Government loan available; to qualified participants
  5. Course Fees claimable under Income Tax scheme; eligibility & allowable claim applies







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