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Arjula Technologies has demonstrated success in solving common rail industry requirements such as workforce management, maintenance and customer relationship management. Arjula Technologies has developed pre-configured enhancements for complex industry business processes such a crew bid and award and crew assignment to train routes and maintenance orders. The rail industry faces more challenges as fuel costs slowly drive freight and passengers out of private vehicles:

  • Increasing levels of competition
  • Rising customer expectations
  • Mounting costs, uncertainty in fuel costs
  • Lack of historical investment in rail fleets and their maintenance
  • New and more stringent legislation e.g. emissions monitoring
  • Increasing health & safety requirements
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Globally de-regulation and privatization / many larger operators are still quasi-public sector organizations
  • Consolidation, acquisitions and mergers

Arjula Technologies has completed go-lives for over thirty rail organizations delivering real and measurable benefits including:

  • Increased asset utilization
  • Improved customer relationship management
  • More efficient order to cash
  • Enabling effective and efficient workforces
  • Improved operational performance


Transport infrastructure such as track, airports, ports, stations, networks, traffic control systems etc. seems to the passenger a cause of frustration, be they stuck in traffic on our roads, delayed at airports or trains have been cancelled due to failure in preventative track maintenance. For the companies who build, install, manage, maintain and operate our critical transportation infrastructure, they face greater challenges including:

  • Lack of investment and long term budget planning
  • Multiple stakeholders, both public and private organizations
  • Increasing health and safety legislation requirements
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Population expansion and economic growth in a finite geographic space

Arjula Technologies has consistently delivered business transformation at various transportation infrastructure providers, delivering benefits including:

  • Improved budgeting and forecasting accuracy
  • Increased asset utilization
  • Management of real estate - making space profitable
  • Reduced wastage in capital projects
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Improved billing accuracy and debt collection
  • Increased supplier relationship management
  • Reduced technology support costs
  • Increased environmental management


For cargo, transportation, third party logistics, shipping, postal and courier service providers, the world may have got smaller, but the challenges have certainly got bigger. Whether transportation and logistics services are by rail, ship, air or road, typical challenges faced by ArjulaTech's customers in this industry are:

  • Increasing competition - more players entering the market
  • Customer driven requirements - customers want process improvement
  • New global logistics services market
  • High costs but low efficiency
  • The need for greater global coverage
  • Diminishing customer loyalty
  • Frequent growth of competitors through merger and acquisition
  • Fuel price instability
  • Yield as a customer performance indicator
  • Increasing environmental responsibility

Arjula Technologies has broad experience implementing process improvement and legacy systems replacement with ERP and CRM at numerous Logistics Services Providers. ArjulaTech's clients in this industry have experienced numerous benefits, including:

  • Tighter customer integration through deployment of interactive portals
  • Tighter partner integration allowing seamless transportation across boundaries and between partners
  • Improved forecasting and scheduling accuracy
  • Increased asset utilization
  • Reduced time to market - offering new products in less time and monitoring them real-time for yield
  • Greater operational efficiencies
  • Improved billing accuracy and debt collection
  • Infrastructure, dock and intermediate maintenance optimization
  • Reduced wastage in projects
  • Lower technology support costs

Our Solutions

  • Logistics and transportation management
  • Customer relationship and loyalty management
  • Asset management for linear, static and mobile assets
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul of complex rolling stocks and locomotives
  • Workforce management and Human Capital Management
  • Performance management and analytics
  • Fuel management solutions
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Integrated business solutions (ERP)

Why Arjula Technologies

Arjula Technologies has market leading capabilities covering Business Consulting, Implementation Solution Support and Products – some key features of our offering to the market:

  • Experience of 65+ Solution Implementations
  • SAP, Pega & Microsoft Centre of Excellence in India
  • Over 500 Employees worldwide dedicated to EAS
  • SAP Pre-Configured Solution
  • Manufacturing Pre-Configured Solution
  • Architecture and Solution Design Capability








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